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Membership and registration

Pursuant to the Medical Practitioners Act, physicians may work unsupervised if they are entered into the physician registry and otherwise fulfil other requirements as provided by law.

  • In order to be entered into the registry, the applying physician/dentist must fill in the “Application to be entered into the physician registry” and submit the required documents along with the application.
  • In order to be removed from the registry, the applying physician/dentist must submit a written request to be removed from the registry to the Chamber, explaining the reasons for taking this action.

An honorary member may be registered made pursuant to the decision with which he was appointed a physician. Physicians who are citizens of another EU or EEA Member State or Switzerland and who wish to provide health care services irregularly or occasionally must report this to the Ministry of Health. Such a physician may be entered into the registry on a temporary basis pursuant to a notice of the ministry overseeing health care.

Membership fees

Annual membership fees for individual categories are set by the Decision on Membership Fees by the Medical Chamber of Slovenia. The fee amount is determined for the following categories: trainee physicians, interns and junior researchers, physicians in specialist training, doctors of dental medicine, general practitioners and specialists. If physician is uneployed the membership is free.

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