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Domus Medica, a home of four Slovenian medical organizations – Medical Chamber of Slovenia, Slovenian Medical Association, Fides – Union of doctors and dentists of Slovenia, and Professional Association of Private Doctors and Dentists of Slovenia – is located on Dunajska cesta 162 in Bežigrad, at business and residential estate Dunajski kristali, next to the northern Ljubljana bypass and in the immediate vicinity of the world trade centre and Smelt. Medical Chamber of Slovenia in Domus Medica provides organization of various meetings: congresses, seminars, workshops, and different cultural and other events. Domus Medica has one conference room, three classrooms, three boardrooms and other suitable premises with which we can provide a comprehensive offer for different events. Conference room, classrooms, and boardrooms have a daylight, but it is not disturbing for projection given the design of the premises. All premises are equipped with the most modern and user-friendly technical equipment.

In blue room, we offer audio and video seminars, direct transmission of the event to the Internet, and use of a voting system.

Under the Domus Medica, there is a parking garage, therefore, parking places are also provided. Our competent personnel and a network of external partners will provide organization of meetings at the highest level. We will provide a proper working space, necessary technical equipment, banquet during breaks, lunches, and gala dinners, as well as other details that are important for success of every meeting.

Comprehensive offer

In one place we provide services related to preparation of meetings for all organizers of meetings. We can help by defining the target group of guests and their informing as well as designing and printing of invitations and materials. We also provide translation, catering, and hotel services.

Informing about the meetings

Organizers can transfer invitations to their meeting to doctors and dentists via us as all doctors and dentists in Slovenia are our members. Further, we can also inform other target groups about the meeting if the organizer wants that.


Organizers can advertise their meetings in the Isis rank newsletter which is published monthly and is received by all members of the chamber and external subscribers, and in the Weekly bulletin of the Medical Chamber received via email and on our website every Tuesday.

Printing services

Upon the organizer’s request, external partner will enable preparation, design, and printing of invitations, leaflets, and other material.

Catering services

Banquet at meetings is exclusively taken care of by our external partner Gostinstvo – Prehrana palača Smelt, Igor Femec, s.p., who attentively listens to organizer’s requests and prepares excellent culinary experience for the participants.

Hotel services

In the immediate vicinity of the Domus Medica is a hotel where participants of the meetings can spend the night while we also provide information on other possible accommodations in Ljubljana.